How do I attract an audience to my app?


I created an app for buskers/street performers and while I’m not really struggling to find willing performers to join the app, I’m struggling to find an audience who will watch and tip those performers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get an audience?


Republish that content on IG, Youtube, TikTok, FB, etc. The audience you want are people who are bored and are scrolling to entertain themselves. They currently live on those other channels. So leverage their reach to build an audience and gradually start pushing it to your platform.

I forgot who it was but I feel like Airbnb or someone used a similar strategy. Leveraged Craigslist reach to drive eyes back to their platform.

Super random but there’s a good lesson from porn sites. They share snippets on the bigger sites and say “continue watching at ….”

I’m sure street performers have some attention grabbing content. Use the existing platforms to grab attention and head to your app to see what happens next. You can obviously add budget behind these sort of posts too.

Hope that helps. I’m happy to discuss further if you have questions. Good luck!

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