As an entrepreneur, what is your go-to-market strategy?


We are a nimble team building a customer support software (like Zendesk, HelpScout) from the last 5 months. We are about to launch our first public beta and it will be invitation-only.

I’m little nervous because this is my first SaaS launch ever! Do you have any suggestion for me to not freak out ? 🙂

As an entrepreneur, what is your ‘go to market’ strategy?


Your GTM strategy is not just about launch tactics. It should define who you’re targeting (markets, segments, personas), who you’re competing against, your positioning and messaging framework, your 6/12/18 month objectives, the pricing strategy, and much more. Your launch plan is just a small component of the GTM that cannot be fully fleshed out until you’ve defined the rest.

Also, GTM will evolve especially for a new product like yours, so continue to iterate.

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