What type of emails should I send beta sign-ups?


I’m in the very early stages of exploring an idea. I’ve spoken to about 20 customers by now and surveyed about 150, with 20 of those signed up for a ‘beta list’ on my landing page.

About development and engagement and I want to begin sending regular emails – today would be the first one.

What are some ideas I should consider, other than specific screenshots and feature list (that doesn’t exist yet)


If you’re still building, take them on the journey. Make them invested in the story so by the time you have a product, they will be more willing to purchase.

So what’s that mean? Regular updates on progress. Share screenshots or videos as inside looks. Ask questions with these updates to get quick feedback whole building. Tell them how you and your team are doing. Heck, introduce the people behind the product. Again, they’re more likely to buy if they’re invested in your story.

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